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Come and experience the thrill of diving with wild sharks in their natural environment




Manta Ray

Manta Ray

Manta Ray

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African Dive Adventures organises dive trips to Mozambique. We offer tailormade packages for groups from 6 to 12 divers for 10 to 14 days. Mozambique, where we go, is rated one of the world's most remote divesites. Due to a 17 year long civil war which ended in the early 90s, Mozambique is still untouched by tourism and business and as everybody knows, remote stands for original, untouched, undamaged and unspoilt. We can offer you a safe, but real African adventure into paradise.
Our guarantee: if you don't absolutely love it, we will pay for your psychiatrist!!!

On all of our trips we'll be offering you:

  • our fully equipped 7.2m semi rigid boat
  • extra Emergency and First Aid Gear including oxygen
  • our own compressor
  • luxury vehicles
  • luxury accommodation
  • excellent cuisine, three meals a day
  • two dives a day on all non-travelling days
  • diving pristine reefs with wall to wall Reef and Game Fish,
    Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.

When we travel to Mozambique, we don't leave anything up to chance. This is why we take all of our own equipment as well as back up, spares, extras etc. with us. Mozambique is not a dangerous place, in fact the people are exceptionally friendly and helpful. There's hardly any crime besides a little bit of petty theft here and there. Having lived and operated our own dive centre in Mozambique, we know the area and its facilities very well. A trip to where we go is not cheap, but you can rest assured, that every person will get optimum value for money. There are a few rules to observe when venturing into Mozambique, but not only will we inform you in detail before the trip, we'll also guide your trip personally and be with you every step of the way.

These experiences are unforgettable and will stay with you forever! This is the time to see Mozambique at its best!!! 

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