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Come and experience the thrill of diving with wild sharks in their natural environment




Protea Banks and Conservation

Baited Dives has also allowed us all to learn more about shark behaviour. It also once again enforced the fact that these magnificent Kings of the ocean are no man eaters and deserve to be protected and not ruthlessly slaughtered for their fins!!! In fact there are more ‘shark eating people’ than ‘people eating sharks’

The conservation of Protea Banks and all its inhabitants have long been one of African Dive Adventures main priorities.

We have managed to stop the annual Shark Fishing Competition, but as you can see by the attached news clippings, we fight endlessly to keep the senseless killings at bay. The killings worldwide however continues.

The Shark Species is considered to be extremely vulnerable to over exploitation due to late maturity and small litters.
Under the Marine Living Sources Act, the species is classified as exploitable.

There is no closed season for catching and no size limit
Both commercial and recreational fishing catch show a decline…….


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